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Miccosukee Indian Village and Airboat Rides

Just 30 minutes west of the Florida Turnpike, in the heart of the Everglades, just past the Shark Valley entrance to Everglades National Park, is the Indian Village. It provides an interesting insight into the culture, lifestyle and history of the Tribe.

Within the village you will see Miccosukees engaged in artistic woodwork, beadwork, patchwork, basket weaving and doll making. There are some ancient artifacts, paintings by a Tribal artist and historical photographs of Tribal members at the museum.

The Tribesmen perform live demonstrations with alligators, as well as what is referred to as “alligator wrestling”.

You may also explore the Everglades on airboat rides. The dock is located across the highway from the village. The airboat passes through the "River of Grass” and stops at an authentic, hammock-style Indian Camp that has been owned by the tribe for over 100 years. These escorted rides give you the opportunity to view native plants, alligators, birds and other species of wildlife in their natural habitat. Keep in mind that airboats are prohibited within the confines of Everglades National Park.

There is a Gift Shop for handmade Native Indian art and craft, inclusive of local patchwork, beadwork and jewelry. You can also taste local cuisine such as fry breads and indian tacos at the tribal Restaurant.

The village is obviously a tourist attraction, and when the place closes at night, I’m sure everyone goes home to watch their favourite TV programmes, or whatever. It takes quite a stretch of the imagination to picture what life was really like back before the advent of the European. Don't compare this to Navajo or Pueblo Villages or you will be disappointed.

We recommend you combine this with a visit to Everglades National Park at nearby Shark Valley.

Attraction Hours
9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily all year

General Admission
Adults $ 10.00
Children (6 to 12 yrs) $ 6.00
Airboat Ride $16.00
Children 5 and under are free

On site parking free

Bus services

Driving Directions
Miccosukee Indian Village is located on Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail / SW 8th St.) 25 miles west of the Florida Turnpike, exit 25A (from the north) and exit 25 (from the south).

Address and Contacts
Mile Marker 70, US 41 Tamiami Trail, Miami, FL 33144
Tel: 305 552 8365 - E.Mail tribe@miccosukeeresort.com

Link to Miccosukee Indian Village

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Miccosukee Village

Alligator Wrestling
Typical "Chickee" Hut
Alligator Wrestling


Early Photo
Historical perspective

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