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Miami can claim three major world championship sports events. Due to it's location in the northern hemisphere, but with very mild winters and an excellent tourism base, the combination attracts sportspeople from all over.

The Crandon Park Tennis Center is home to the Sony Eriksson Open, Doral Golf Resort where the World Golf Championship is held each March. Homestead Speedway, a NASCAR track, hosts the Ford Championship Weekend. The Miami Marathon is becoming world famous for its fast and dramatically inspiring route.

There are any numbers of other championships such as power boat races, sailing regattas, hot air balloon rallies as well as more zany events like the annual male and female model beach volleyball tournament, as well as the amazing Polo World Cup both played on Miami Beach.

Motor Racing - Homestead Speedway
Tennis - Crandon Tennis Centre
Golf - Doral Golf Course
Marathon - Miami Marathon
Polo - World Polo Cup
Volley - Model Beach Volleyball Tournament

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