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Miami and South Florida
Barely one hundred years old, Miami has been called respectively the Casablanca of North America and the Capital of Latin America. For a place so young, to have achieved major world status in such a short time is no mean feat. That’s what makes a visit to Miami so much more than just another beach holiday.

If you are interested in enhancing your visit, I have the programme for you. It’s not easy to really experience this dynamic city on your own. You can walk around with your nose in a guide book, or take one of the standard city tours. Sure you will learn a lot, but in all probability the Miami Experience will escape you.

In Miami, where old is new, hot is cool and people change colours daily, anybody can be somebody at least for a little while. May I show you the way?

Preferred Activities
Though you will want to “see the sights”, I’m not limiting you to this. There is no timetable or rigid schedule. I am at your disposal for the entire day, and you are my guest. Apart from regular activities, we can stop by a local coffee shop; a supermarket; an art gallery; a suburban shopping mall; community recreation centres; the public library; museums. It’s your choice.

On the next page there are suggested itineraries. Keep in mind these are merely suggestions. You can take them all, or just one. Depending upon your special requirements, I can tailor an itinerary specifically just for your particular interests. Arts and Culture; Nightlife; History; Shopping; Nature; Sports; Architecture and anything else that comes to mind.

Garden Party
Wine & Cheese in the Garden

Special feature
During any of our excursions, time permitting, it will be my pleasure to invite you to our place in Miami Springs for a glass of wine and a snack. My wife and I don’t live in a mansion. It’s just a regular suburban 2-bedroom home with a rather wild tropical garden, a lazy dog and an exuberant cat.

Cost of Services
A single traveler pays US$ 400 for each day.
For each additional traveller up to four, US$ 50.00 per person.
Minimum of one day (8 hours) service.

Unless it's specifically indicated otherwise, I take care of local expenses (entrance fees, gratuities, local transportation, lunch with non-alcoholic beverages, coffee stop, and a farewell drink) and, of course, an honorarium to compensate for the time and professional expertise invested in your visit

Not included in the price are lodging, nor are meals and beverages that are not indicated above.

Payment: accepted by credit card through PayPal.

Something About Me
A few details about me and why I can make your visit to Miami an unforgettable experience.

Suggested Itineraries
A selection of suggested itineraries for day tours out of Miami and Miami Beach.

Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are your agreement with Martin Crossland.

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