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The Holocaust Memorial was conceived by Miami's Holocaust survivors, at one time, the largest such group in the world, and funded by a private, non-profit organization. Considering the rich cultural influence of Miami Beach 's Jewish population, as well as the history of Miami as a place of refuge, the Holocaust Memorial underscores the strength and understanding of this city's culture. The Memorial took four years to build, was dedicated on February 4, 1990 and its grounds include eleven areas: The Beginning, The Arbor History, A Garden of Meditation, The Dome of Contemplation, The Lonely Path, The Sculpture of Love and Anguish, The Series of Vignettes, Sensing Both Love and Fear, The Memorial Wall, The Final Sculpture and Never Shall We Forget.

Architecturally, the Memorial is a study in contrasts. Its ominous sculpture of a human hand soaring thirty feet skyward reminds Miami Beach and the world community that genocide and prosecution almost incinerated an entire group of human beings. The memorial also serves as a link to those slain and as a surrogate grave site for all those who were destroyed. Its flowering greenery, open spaces and cool reflecting pool provide a haven of peaceful contemplation and inner renewal for survivors, their families and other visitors. An Information Booth is manned by Holocaust survivors such as Ann Rosenheck. In 1944, she was sent to Auschwitz by Hitler’s Nazis and was the only member of her family to survive. In today’s world, she tries to help others understand and comprehend what happened during that terrible time in history.

This could be a disturbing experience for those who are affected by graphic renditions of suffering and death.

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Memorial Hours
9:00AM - 9:00PM Daily.

General Admission

There is limited paid parking in front of the garden and on the south side on 19th. Street. The huge parking lot on Convention Center Drive is exclusively for the Convention Centre participants.

Bus Services
South Beach Local (123) The Shuttle circles South Beach every 10 to 15 minutes.
S (119) From Sunny Isles to Miami Downtown along 17th. Street. Every 12 mins.

Address and Contacts
1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139.
T: 305-538-1663 F: 305-538-2423 E-Mail: info@holocaustmmb.org

Link to Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Vignette from Memorial
Holocaust Memorial
Vignette on the Memorial