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Parrot Jungle was founded in 1936 and since then has become a huge Miami attraction. Recently the park moved its location and the name was changed to Jungle Island as the park now features much more than just parrots, such as unusual creatures like a "Crocosaurus", reputedly the largest crocodile in the world! The "Crocosaurus" passed away peacefully in his puddle in August of 2009, and is now to be stuffed and exhibited. There is also a "liger", which is a cross between a tiger and a lion.

The gardens are lush and beautiful, as close to a rain forest you will ever see on mainland USA. All the more remarkable considering the gardens are little more than six years old.

There are several animal shows in the park to see. There is the bird show which features various types of birds from parrots, a condor, a rare cassowary and also an amusing penguin parade. Unlike the old Parrot Jungle with parrots on roller skates, this is more educational. There is also a reptile show and one featuring various big cats (tigers and leopards) and chimps. In addition to the various shows, there are numerous animals to look at as well as a petting zoo. If you have never been, you are in for a treat.

The park features many rare and unique varieties of big cats, including four fantastic colours of tigers. Throughout the year, a rotating cast of big cats make appearances in the Jungle Theater from tigers to black panthers, lynx to leopards, cougars to ligers. And of course, there is always an assortment of cuddly cubs who are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Apart from this, some other animals you will see at Jungle Island are orangutans, gibbons, chimpanzees, binturongs*, capuchins, lemurs, macaws, monitor lizards and more! (I had to look up "binturong", which is an Asian bearcat).

Parrot Jungle Island also features the "Lakeside Café" where you can eat among flamingos, though it is expensive and pretty mundane, so you may want to hold out until later.

The admission is quite pricey at US$ 40.00 plus tax for adults. Add a US$ 10.00 parking fee if you are arriving by car. Programme at least 4 hours in order to assist at their three wildlife shows. You can get 10% off by purchasing online at their website.

All in all, people tend to feel it is overpriced, especially if you have to park your car, eat inside and purchase pricey photos of your kids with parrots or tiger cubs. The general opinion is that it is "good, but not great".

Attraction Hours
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM daily all year

General Admission
Adults (Ages 11-64) $39.95
Children (Ages 3-10) $24.95
Children (Ages 0-2) Free
Plus 7% Florida sales tax
Purchase online for 10% off.

On site parking US$ 10.00

Bus services
C (103) From Downtown and 41st. Street, Miami Beach via Collins and Washington Avenue to Jungle Island. Every 20 mins.
S (119) From Downtown and Sunny Isles Beach, North and South Beach via Collins Ave to Jungle Island. Every 15 mins.

From Miami Beach
Take I-395 West (MacArthur Causeway), and make the first right turn after Palm Island, next to the Miami Yacht Club. Make the first left turn onto Parrot Jungle Trail and the parking garage will be on the right-hand side.
From north or south, from I-95
Take I-395 East (MacArthur Causeway) exit 2D. Cross over the bridge and make your first right after the bridge onto Parrot Jungle Trail. Follow the road around and under the bridge to the parking garage on the left-hand side.

Address and Contacts
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, Florida 33132
T: 305-400-7220
E-Mail: guestrelations@jungleisland.com

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Jungle Island

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Jungle Island
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