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Miami was a resort area long before Central Florida's theme parks were even a gleam in the eye of Walt Disney. Although our own attractions may seem a little passé if you have been or plan to visit Orlando, if you haven't, they are fun for all the family. Included here is the venerable Seaquarium as well as Jungle Island, Zoo Miami and others.

Cultural Miami
Museums in a city that is barely 100 years old? You have to be kidding! Yet Art Basel, the most respected annual contemporary art fair, has selected Miami as it's winter venue. Here we cover Miami's plethoria of museums and historical buildings, including the Art Deco Historical Area of Miami Beach.

Parks and Gardens
Being located in the only sub-tropical region of the Continental USA (The Tropic of Cancer runs through the Florida Straits between the Florida Keys and Cuba, just south of Florida). Miami-Dade county offers three remarkable tropical gardens, and is the only US county that can claim two National Parks within it's borders, Everglades and Biscayne.