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South Florida has a rich option for spectator sports. It has professional teams in American Football (Miami Dolphins), Basketball (Miami Heat), Baseball (Miami Marlins) and Ice Hockey (Florida Panthers), each with their own ultra-modern stadiums. University of Miami has a nationally rated American Football team (Hurricanes). Professional football is played on Sundays and college football on Saturdays. The local soccer club (Strikers) is located in Fort Lauderdale at Lockhart Stadium. Apart from this there are two hippodromes, Calder and Hialeah Park. Race season is during the winter months. There is also a greyhound track (Flagler) and a Jai Alai Fronton (Miami Jai Alai). Jai Alai is considered as the fastet game in the world.

Recently State Laws have been modified to allow limited casino gambling at certain venues. These are at horse and greyhound race courses and the Jai Alai Fronton.

American Football - Miami Dolphins
American Football - Miami Hurricanes
Basketball - Miami Heat
Baseball - Miami Marlins
Ice Hockey - Florida Panthers
Soccer - Fort Lauderdale Strikers
Horse Racing - Calder Race Course and Casino
Horse Racing - Hialeah Park and Casino
Greyhound Racing - Flagler Dog Track and Casino
Jai Alai - Miami Fronton and Casino

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