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This autonomous municipality of Sunny Isles is much more friendly to beach-goers, being that its principal income is from visitors. 2.7 miles of beachfront. It is probably somewhat more family oriented than Miami beach. This beach has been renourished. The City is experiencing a major redevelopment renaissance on the east side of Collins Avenue (A1A), the main thoroughfare. There is constant construction on the west (beach) side, as the antique two and three story mom and pop motels are replaced by high-rise condominiums.The sand seems softer here than further south, probably due to the fact that it was snitched (under protest) from a sand bank facing Golden Beach. The highlight of the beach is the wonderful fishing pier beside the Newport Beachside Resort The Newport Fishing Pier, built in 1936, is ½ mile-long, designated a historic site in 1982, has long been a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts and sightseers. For accommodations, click here. For dining, click here.

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There are 18 street access points to the beach, and two small oceanside parks. From north to south:-
At 174th. Street - Gilbert Samson Park.
At 167th. Street - Pier Park.
Street access points at - 194th. - 191st. - 189th. - 188th. - 186th. - 181st. - 175th. - 172nd. - 170th. - 167th. - 162nd. - 160th. - 157th.

Bus Services
S (119) Miami Downtown via Alton Road, Lincoln Road and Collins Ave. at 17th. St. to Aventura Mall. Every 15 mins.

Sunny Isles Beach
Newport Pier
Lifeguard at Newport Pier
Pier Bar

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