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2. All the way up Miami Beach
You can travel all the way up Miami Beach by taking the public bus.

Short tour:
Take bus S (119) northbound from Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue. Watch the street numbers ascend. Alight at 96th. Street, which is Bal Harbor.

Visit the Bal Harbor beach and shops. Aferwards stroll south on Harding Avenue past the shops of Surfside to 88th. Street.

Then take the 115 Mid-North Beach Connection southbound back to Lincoln Road by a different route. These buses run around every 30 minutes and the duration is about 20 minutes each way. Total cost up Miami Beach and back, US$ 4.50

Beach at Bal Harbor
Harding Avenue, Surfside

Long tour:
S (119) northbound from Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue past Haulover Park. You may alight at Sunny Isles Boulevard (163rd. Street) by the Newport Beach Hotel to visit the fishing pier.

Then continue from the same bus stop all the way to the Classy Aventura Shopping Mall.

Duration Lincoln Road to Sunny Isles about 30 minutes. Sunny Isles to Aventura Mall about 10 minutes, and the return to Lincoln Road is just under an hour. Considering this, you will have spent about two hours on the bus for the princely sum of US$ 4.50.

If you plan on travelling a lot by local public transportation you may find it easier and more economic to purchase a US$ 5.65 one-day or a US$ 29.25 seven-day transit pass (called EASY Ticket).

Newport Pier at Sunny Isles
Bus stop at Sunny Isles

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