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These suggestions are by no means the be-all and end-all of walking tours. Some parts of Miami, principally South Beach, are surprisingly complex and quite extensive. My suggestions are for neophytes who have a passing interest in the area, and have an hour or two to enjoy a stroll around the principal sights.

One of the highlights of these strolls is to enter some of the attractions along the way. In order to do this, you must “dress the part”. In the case of hotels, stride boldly into the lobby. Look around all you like, and if a hotel employee questions you, ask the way to the pool bar. This won’t work if you look like something the cat just dragged in.

You will note I use "blocks" in my directions. Most cities in the New World were built with straight streets and avenues in a grid, somewhat like a checkerboard. This means that blocks are more easily defined than in Europe, where streets tend to wander all over the map. Each block will usually consist of buildings numbered in the hundreds or thousands, even though there may be only a few buildings. In this case, the first block would be numbers 100 to 199, 2nd. block numbers 200 to 299, etc. Generally buildings with even numbers are on the left and odd numbers are on the right as you ascend in numeration. Hence the first building to your left will be 100, and the first to your right would be 101. When I mention 10th. block, it means all buildings numbered 1000 to 1099.

In the case of South Beach, if you are at all interested in the historical aspects, I strongly recommend the Miami Design Preservation League guided ninety-minute walking tour, which provides an introduction to the Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, and Miami Modern (MiMo) styles found within the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District. Explore hotels, restaurants, and other commercial structures with a visit to a number of interiors. Tuesdays to Sundays at 10:30 am (6:30 pm on Thursdays) at nominal prices. They also offer a self-guided audio tour.

By far the best book for walking tours of Miami Beach is “Discovering South Beach Deco” by Richard and Valerie Beaubien. There are seven wonderful walking tours covering the entire historic Art Deco district. Find it on Amazon.com, if it’s still in print.

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