Coming to Miami Beach & South Florida?
May I show you the way?

Coconut Grove Garden

Hello! My name is Martin Crossland. Welcome to Miami and Miami Beach. I have attempted to fill this site with pertinent information starting from your first arrival at Miami Airport right through to departure back home.

I will show you how to get around Miami Beach, what to see and do. I will cover the history, beaches, attractions, events, cultural life, sports and sightseeing in the city and surroundings. I will also give you a peek at some hotels and restaurants.

Nightlife in South Beach is an altering scene and if you still have energy after a day on the beach, sightseeing or shopping, I recommend you access the Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau entertainment page.

This is not an industrial site, so it will not be as flashy or colourful as others. The opinions are mine, as are most of the the photos. This means the views may not be tourist bureau quality. On the other hand, my views will not be influenced by the advertisers. Not that you won’t see Google Ads. We all have to live, don’t we?

If you are visiting Miami and South Florida, and are looking for a knowledgeable local friend and contact, may I show you the way?

You will find my site easy to navigate. Although there is an awful lot of information here, I have used lots of links so that as you require a more details on each subject, it will be there at the click of a mouse. Friends have told me that it is just too much information, but I ask…how much is too much?