Miami Beach

Miami Beach is located on a barrier island across from the mainland, and the City of Miami. 

Miami Beach is famous for its miles of beautiful white sand beaches, and beautiful people.

  • Golden Beach
  • South Beach

Miami Beach is surrounded by water; the Atlantic Ocean is to the east, and Biscayne Bay is to the west.

Miami Beach is linked to the Florida mainland by a series of several causeways and bridges.

Miami Beach is its own city, distinct from the City of Miami. It has its own vibrant culture, personality and unique characteristics.

Miami Beach is also entirely self-governing, and is independent from the City of Miami.

Like much of Florida, Miami Beach is a city built upon a fragile ecosystem. Before it was developed, the area of present-day Miami Beach was a sensitive wetland habitat, and was filled with mangroves. The mangroves were essential to help protect against hurricanes, wind damage, storm surge, erosion, and other natural forces.

Miami Beach also has numerous beachfront parks, which are heavily used by both visitors and residents.

All of the beaches in Miami Beach are open to the public, although many areas of beach are blocked by beachfront condos, hotels and resorts, so access can be difficult. Parking and beach access can both be difficult to find.

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